Pokemon Go on iOS and Android

Pokemon Go is a fantastic game that embodies all the qualities of multiple genres, action, adventure, and role-playing. The game is presented in great graphical detail that immerses the played in the environment. There is so much game to explore in Pokemon Go that you can spend hours just walking around doing menial tasks.
The gameplay is very similar to that of darkstone, and somewhat similar to diablo, but controlling multiple party members at the same time. Luckily the AI is quite good and your party members almost never get themselves killed needlessly. You cannot set their ‘agression level’ as you can in other games, which isnt that helpful, instead you tell them what role to play IE, melee (engage bad guys), support (shoot them with arrows, or melee attack unobtrusively), Healer/caster (attacks primarily with spells, and heals other characters when they need it). you can switch characters with the tab key.

Joseph, the main character can summon creatures, though not right at the outset of the game. Summoned creatures (you can only summon one at a time) are controlled like any other party member.

Joseph can banish a summoned creature at any time. while in combat, you can pause to issue orders, or cast spells. The skill point system is quite confusing but is ok once you figure it out. One way I like to do things is for example, lets say i have 4 points in ‘HEAL’ category, and I have 2 heal spells, heal, and cure, upon levelling up, I would save the game and see how many points I would have to allocate in healing to get the 3rd heal spell.
Chain attacks are another confusing aspect of the game, but they are easily mastered once understood. Left to theor own devices, the computer-controlled party members will use chain attacks (though not perfectly), but when you are controlling a character, attack a bad guy, then when the chain link appears above your characters head, right click the mouse. Do this repeatedly to continue the chain of attacks, always waiting for the chain link to appear, the ‘too fast’ and ‘too slow’ indicators appear when you screw up, right-clicking to early or too late, so just wait for the chain link summons can also perform chain attacks.

One tactic I have found very useful is putting alot of points into Flece’s (the second aharacter you aquire) backstab skill (only daggers can backstab), then attacking a bad guy with someone else, and running Flece in behind him and backstabbing him.

The graphics are fantastic, and smooth on my aging PC. The camera is a little akward sometimes, but not a huge problem. The characters are not all that detailed if you zoom in all the way, but all in all excellent. From the perspective you will be using for most of the game the graphics are breathtaking. The summons particularly, are quite impressive. The minotaur exploding into existence deserves special mention.

The music is very good and though a tad repetitive doesn’t become annoying. The voice acting ranges from average to very good. Sometimes the same character sounding so compelling where a few minutes ago sounding like a tool or cheat just known as Pokemon Go Hack.

Simcity Buildit Guide

Take Control of your own SimCity and Enjoy

Here’s an idea for a game: hop into the leather loafers of an urban, white-collar, bureaucrat and set your own zoning laws! Although SimCity  still sounds like a complete bore to us, it’s amazing just how much we played and loved that game. Will Wright, the brains behind some of the best games on the iOS and Android, has done it again with The SimCity Buildit. This one kinda sounds like a bore too; you control a city whose citizen are just as banal and routine as our own. But just like SimCity, the game is insanely addictive and has everyone in the offices designing a virtual replicant of themselves.

Now that SimCity Buildit is all but done, we’ll speak to the mastermind about his latest effort. We’ll ask him the burning questions like. Some of us play on smartphone games precisely so we can forget about things like work and our so-called friends. So who wants to micromanage a schmuck that looks just like us? Frankly, we do.

There’s a lot you can do with Simcity Buildit, and we try to come up with some of the most disturbing. We unleash our editor into the neighborhood and see what sort of unnatural relationships he can encourage. Quite honestly, we’re a little worried about what he’ll come up with. One of our editors has spent so much time with SimCity Buildit that he has already risen to the top of his own city empire. He’ll offer sound strategies not only on how to become a ruthless mayor, but also the best way to smile, dance and manipulate your way to a better city.

SimCity Buildit has several brilliant bits of coding, not the least of which is the object tree that allows users to add variety and longevity to their game. We’ll have a special feature just on the customizability of the game and how you can add new textures, faces, skins and more. When we’re done, you’ll be able to finally make that miserable pig sty that you’ve always wanted to own. For those who have iOS and Android devices, you’ll be able to download SimCity Buildit for free. Take control of a city and enjoy killing some time with it.


Unhealthy Truth on Game Addiction

The most trending entertainment nowadays would be the video games, as you can see that their many gadgets and devices that can play games, like the PC, 3DS, Console and much more. In this article this may represent the video games may increase the risk of addiction and somewhat not healthy for people to involve too much when playing over excessive to gaming. There are lots of game genres can be so captivating to the eye of every genre and that one would be MMORGS/MMOS – Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games.

This game genre is one of the addicting games, in this type of game genre a gamer will likely need to create his/her own character and also may create a group of online gamers that create a strong team or guild – also called “clans”. Upon this game every gamer can develop character’s skills, abilities and power. This game is somewhat known to be level-up games, in fact, this game genre is a long game because all you need to do is to let your character grow and level up. Every character needs to be strong and can withstand every attack against the enemy. The good thing about this game is that you can complete certain objectives and tasks and quests and to think that this video games may involve in a fantasy world full of real gamers.

The fact that games become more addicting it is because has no pre-defined ends like the MMORPG, this make the game become more captivating and addicting. The best part of this video game is the boss level or fighting giant bass and the other thing taking task, quest, side quest and mission. To think that in this type of video game will never be ended.

This also requires a net connection and the good thing about this gamer can chat each other and socialize with them. In the first place this somewhat to be a solitary game activity but the more years go by the game have been improved. The internet connection is one thing that’s become the lifestyle of every human, before every gamers play the game they need to have a net connection.

Another thing that video game is more addicting it is because of the level up system. It is common to gamers to link through online just to enjoy the game, every gamer will be excited about joint objectives mission plus the exploration of the fantasy world.


Dream Weaver – Innovative Design

Last week I talked about one little Capcom platformer that managed to do some new things and still be incredibly fun: Duck Tales. But as we all know, Capcom had more than one good game hidden up its sleeve. One hidden gem — even more radical in design and execution — goes by the name of Little Nemo: The Dream Master. Another platformer that exudes cuteness at every corner, Nemo is a fascinating and strange trip that is not afraid to challenge players with its sheer difficulty and thoughtful gameplay.

The story takes place in 1905 in New York City. A strange visitor who has arrived in a blimp awakens Nemo in his room. The person is a messenger who has come to tell Nemo that the princess of Slumberland has extended an invitation to him to come play with her. After showing reluctance at first (and forgetting the cardinal rule that all princesses are pure babes), Nemo accepts and is taken away to Slumberland. After levels are completed, the story is perpetuated through small scenes, mainly consisting of Nemo’s parents telling him to stop being restless and go back to bed.

By now it is obvious that Nemo is stuck in his own dreams, and the eight levels reflect that as they explore the whole gamut of the boy’s psyche. Magical gardens and dreamy night seas lead into more familiar places (like Nemo’s House) before venturing off to the feared Nightmare Land. Keys are usually dispersed throughout the levels, and each and every one must be found to unlock all of the locks on the exit door at the end of the level and let Nemo move on. Nemo only has a set number of lives to work with, and at game over he loses all the keys from the level he was on. Thankfully, Capcom lets you continue on the last level you played instead of sending you back all the way to the beginning of the game. Nemo does not have any real attack to speak of; his only means of defense is to toss candy that can stun an enemy for a short period of time. When on his own, Nemo must avoid contact with enemies or else he will be dead very quickly. This is exploited beautifully in the third level, House of Toys, where Nemo must avoid a barrage of attacks from toy airplanes and other child’s things while on the top of a moving train.

But House of Toys is really the exception. Most levels are more the exploratory type. Of course, Nemo can find help in these levels in the form of some animal friends. The animals are just like enemies at first and will hurt Nemo if he makes contact with them. But by feeding the animals three pieces of candy, he can sedate them and then ride them. Each animal has a special ability that proves useful in reaching the keys. The Frog can jump high and pounce on enemies’ heads. The Lizard can climb walls. The Bee allows Nemo to fly and also has a stinger attack. The Hermit Crab can burrow under the sea floor. When Nemo gets sick of an animal or wants to switch, pressing select will revert him back to his old self. There are eight animal friends in all, and each one’s ability really opens up certain parts of the level. Capcom did a stellar job modeling the levels around each animal’s ability, and rarely is there confusion about what animal is needed for each situation.

Little Nemo: The Dream Master is not a game that will instantly appeal to adults. Rather, it may draw its core audience from those who want to indulge in the nostalgia of playing it when they were younger. Yet there is a hypnotic quality to the game, a youthful enthusiasm that can entice any player to become interested in the fate of Nemo as he goes on his magical journey. The more tangible attributes — innovative game design and inherent difficulty — also play a large part in determining Nemo’s success. Simply put, Little Nemo: The Dream Master is another dynamo of a game, a quaint little platformer that proves Capcom really did have the golden touch back in the day.